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Making Room for Wellbeing at Work
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Benefits - Why a Quiet Room ?

A Quiet Room is an enclosed space that has been set aside for employees so that they can take a moment or two during the working day to relax, have a break, meditate, pray or simply ‘take stock’ without the distractions of office life and without interrupting the operation of the organisation or company.

A quiet room can provide other benefits:

·     stillness and quiet that supports and promotes well-being
·     stimulation of all the senses and cultivation of harmony and balance
·     a fertile seedbed for inspiration and creative ideas to develop
·     a space to show respect and embrace the cultural and faith diversity of employees

An increasing number of businesses and other organisations already benefit from the provision of a quiet room, such as, most universities, banks and airports. Guardian News & Media and other forward thinking businesses. See who has a quiet room.

Combating stress

Religious diversity

A very pretty room and a nice atmosphere - conducive to prayer or massage.

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